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Team Leader: Lech Madeyski

Lead developer: Norbert Radyk – the president of SEnS.

About project:
Judy is one of the latest and the most intensively developed SEnS projects.
Judy is the tool that use the mutation testing idea to measure the quality of the Java project unit tests (implemented with JUnit framework). Judy make use of the aspect-oriented approach. Early research showed, that using AOP solutions enabled us to gain a great speedup of mutation testing process. At the moment SEnS members work to extend the tool functionality e.g. integration tests support, finding the equivalent mutations.
Companies interested in making use of Judy in an industrial environment (e.g. to evaluate the impact of software process changes on the fault detection effectiveness of unit tests) are encouraged to contact Lech Madeyski.

Some publications related to Judy are available here.

Judy is available for academic purposes Judy

Judy User Guide

Latest version of Judy 2.x mutation testing tool for Java is available to download from MutationTest.COM