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Team leader: Lech Madeyski

Team members:
Wojciech Biela, Marcin Domagała, Wojciech Gdela, Nikos Karagieorgopulus, Marcin Kruczkiewicz, Marcin Kubasiak, Mikołaj Machowczyk, Grzegorz Mąkosa, Jacek Owocki, Tomasz Poradowski, Krzysztof Sikora, Michał StochmiałekAdam PiechowiakŁukasz Szała, Michał Głomba, Michał Stanek, Marek Majchrzak, Piotr Przybył, Norbert Radyk

About project: is the biggest as well as the oldest project realized by SEnS members. To be honest in fact the portal was created before SEnS was born and there were the e-Informatyka developers who were the founders of SEnS.

Nowadays is still one of the most important SEnS projects. Our society members still take care and develop the portal and thanks to their work has many interesting and unique features. Among the most interesting we can point out:

  • Gathering and presenting the information about computer science news and events.
  • Integrating the information about computer science conferences provided by ACM, IEEE and Springer.
  • RSS feeds with news and conferences.
  • Sharing the articles from KKIO conferences and from e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal.

This all makes portal a recognizable brand in computer science world, which can be proved by a big amount of portal visitors and relatively big portal’s Google Page Rank.